Hitch announces chemo

Bad-boy writer Christopher Hitchens announced last week that he has been advised to take chemo "on my esophagus," though does not disclose the diagnosis.

Could he have an esophageal stricture?  Here's a 2008 article detailing a novel way of delivering mitomycin-C chemotherapy to an esophageal stricture.

I don't think we are giving topical chemo for Barrett's Esophagus.  I can't really think of an esophageal malady that routinely requires topical treatment, but also esophageal cancer doesn't sound like the correct answer here.

I tried to research a link between alcohol consumption and esophageal stricture, but couldn't find much.  Sure it makes intuitive sense that alcohol loosens the lower esophageal stricture, leading to reflux, leading to stricture, but I couldn't find a lot of data to corroborate this.

So while Hitch is no teetotaller, we should not jump to conclusions about his esophageal condition being related to his famous love of alcohol.

Washington Post interpreted the "chemo on my esophagus" line to mean esophageal cancer, but I'm not sure I follow the logic.

In any case, best wishes for a speedy recovery, sir.  If your spirits sour, you can cheer up with a very nice NYT review of your new book.